About Us

The Foundation is an independent non-profit organization run by a volunteer board of parents. Raising money from parents and local businesses, we grant this money to our school district to pay for special projects and teaching tools across our five schools. We work closely with district and school leadership to identify funding priorities and then issue grant funds to support needs.

In the Foundation for Wallingford-Swarthmore Schools’ five-year history, we have always looked to the future and planned for it. This planning brought stability to our schools in spite of inherently unstable funding, which, in turn, brought continuous improvement. We strive to continue to introduce and support innovative programs throughout our school district.

Teachers apply for grant funding each year for support of innovative efforts that enhance educational opportunities for our children. In addition, the Foundation and the school district identify innovative programs for the Foundation to support. Two major fundraising efforts are conducted each year: the Panther Pajama Run and Pancake Breakfast in the fall and Arts4Smarts, a silent auction in the spring. Last, the Foundation serves as an umbrella 501(c)(3) organization for other fundraising efforts in the district.

As part of its mission, the Foundation serves as a fiscal sponsor to various groups within the district for targeted fundraising efforts when those efforts align with the Foundation’s mission. In serving as a fiscal sponsor, the Foundation helps short-term projects such as the Team Up for Turf efforts to install a turf field in the district. In another example, the Foundation supports the High School Home and School’s fundraising efforts by providing a critical partnership. This partnership provides the fundraising benefits of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to the High School Home and School.

Each year the Foundation undertakes two major fundraising efforts: Arts4Smarts and the Panther Pajama Run and Pancake Breakfast. In 2014, the events raised nearly $50,000 while bringing together 500 school district supporters.

Since its inception in 2010, the Foundation for Wallingford-Swarthmore Schools has managed $480,000; funds that support special projects and teaching tools in the arts, music, science, reading, math, environmental science, physical education, and technology.