Past Awards

Last year, the Foundation provided $15,000 for teacher projects which encompassed every school and grade in the district. Projects come in a variety of forms

“Tchoukball” Encourages Competition Without Aggression: The WSSD Health and Physical Education Department is now utilizing Tchoukball, an approach developed by Dr. Hermann Brandt which aims to remove from athletic competition military and confrontational mindsets and instead encourages competition without aggression, rewards problem-solving as well as physical ability, promotes teamwork, and teaches principles of physics. With the Foundation’s support of over $2,000, this innovative program benefits children across all grade levels, beginning with the early elementary years.

Supporting High School Environmental Science: Carolina STEM Challenge kits serve to increase
students’ awareness of environmental science. These kits are used by the Ninth Grade environmental science classes, which includes approximately 150 students. Student teams design, build, test, and compete in a cooperative-learning environment.

Middle School Anti-Bullying Program: In collaboration with CHOP and Dr. Stephen Leff, the guidance office at the middle school will be working with an expert in the field of violence prevention and anti-bullying to offer new resources for students in grades seven and eight (600 students total).

Elementary Learning Support iPad Writing Project: Puts iPads into the hands of students in three learning support classes for a total funding of $1,149. The technology allows students to speak, write and support similar approaches to capture students thoughts and ideas and produce a copy that is ready for the editing process.