About Us

The Foundation for Wallingford-Swarthmore Schools (the “Foundation”) was established as an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to support innovation and excellence in the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District (“WSSD”).  Through community support and involvement, the Foundation works in partnership with all of WSSD funding partners, including the parent-teacher organizations and home and school groups, to strengthen the potential of all the WSSD schools from its elementary schools through Strath Haven Middle School and Strath Haven High School.

The Foundation accomplishes this goal in two key ways:

Funding programs The Foundation endeavors to make regular grants to supplement, but not replace, regular school district funds.  The Foundation will look for projects that:

  • Sustain the excellence of the school academic and extracurricular programs
  • Extend and enhance educational opportunities for our students,
  • Directly promote an innovative approach to education.

Fostering community relations The Foundation provides an additional avenue of communication between the community and its schools.  Only by engaging the support and energies of educators, parents, students, alumni, and the greater community can the Foundation succeed in enhancing the quality of public education.