Photographs by SHHS students of Mr. Zimmermann’s class 2011


What type of programs might the Foundation fund?

Many excellent and exciting ideas for potential programs have come forth from educators, parents and community members. Some examples are listed below:

  • A robotics program for the elementary and middle schools.  Working after school with faculty advisors, students will build robots and program them to do different tasks using LEGO® Mindstorms® robotic technology.
  • A consistent after-school enrichment program in the elementary schools that can feature courses in areas like robotics, foreign language, etc.
  • A tablet initiative in middle and high school classrooms that will provide each student with an e-reader and access to online learning resources and instructional applications.
  • A television production studio at the middle school that could be used for work with language arts classes and as a production site for school news programs and coverage of school events.
  • Elementary science specialist teaching positions at each elementary school, along with equipment and materials for science instruction and, where possible, gardens and an outdoor classroom.
  • Leadership and character development training through the installation of a Ropes course on the middle school/high school campus, climbing walls in each school, and provision of resources for getting faculty trained in Project Adventure curriculum that makes use of these new facilities.

With enough funding, these ideas and others can become reality!

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